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》 About Us...

⇒ Who are we...

An independent non-profit organisation, ran by volunteers from the city of Derby & founded by Mr A Claire (Sunny), operating in the digital space via www.Derby.support and Facebook, X & YouTube.

We are passionate about the development of our hub, our city, our people & the organisations that support both our residents & visitors. Furthermore, we're currently in the process of becoming a registered CIC.

Collectively, through our volunteer network, we have decades of experience and have great knowledge in all industries. We are 263,000 people in disguise, where everyone in Derby has a purpose & role to play; you're playing a role already, you might just not know it!

⇒ What we do...

We bridge Derby closer together, using our innovative website in the making, through our unique navigational system, where everyone can be discoverable with ease, from artists to multi-billion pound organisations.

We use this digital space, to put inclusion at the forefront of everything we do, from giving people the power to have their input in our hubs, right up to directing people in the right direction.

In giving people the opportuntiy to help us code our websites, right up to constructing stories for our social media channels, we help give volunteers new experience, which will help them gain new opportunities in both their life & work.

We welcome all people from the age of 0 to 100+, with all levels of experience and make way for people to play a role in our futures.

You'll find us in both the digital & physical spaces, where we love to interact with other hubs, organisations & people, to support them in their working lives & document their tracks.

⇒ Get involved...

Your choice, your future! You get to choose how you'd like to volunteer with us, whether you want to contribute 1 hour a week or want to suggest ideas when you come up with them, it's entirely up to you.

We recommend putting your work & life commitments first, before volunteering with us, as we want to see you succeed above all over our hub. If you can find the time to volunteer, then we will find ways to make use of your input.

It's so simple, you begin by emailing us via Go@Derby.support or through our social media channels, where you'll get to document your journey with us.

It's usually better to start communications in writing, where we can keep track of our developments. Of course we are supportive of the disabled community and welcome you to contact us through voice or video, or even in person, to help you on your journey in volunteering with us.

⇒ Social Media Channels...

› Facebook
@DerbyCommunityHub (Primary)

› X (formerly Twitter)
@ItsOurDerby (Primary)

› YouTube
@DerbyCommunityHub (Primary)

⇒ Websites & Email

› Websites
www.Derby.support (Redirect)
www.DerbyCommunityHub.com (Primary)

› Email
Go@Derby.support (Redirect)
Support@DerbyCommunityHub.com (Primary)

》 Our Hubs...

To give our city the shoulders it deserves and give the people the opportunities to get involved in their industries, we've developed a number of sub hubs, where we welcome people, charities & organisations to get involved in the development of each hub. We also welcome artists to architects to start getting creative in how these digital hubs can transpire into the physical spaces, by coming up with artwork & concepts, which can be suggested to local councils, companies & communities. It's not just about drawing artwork, but it's also about everyone expressing their needs in both life & work, where we can design around them and make hubs which truly work for our residents & visitors.

⇒ Derby Work Hub...

The Derby Work Hub is here to help you get the working lifestyle you desire...

⇒ Derby Life Hub...

Discover activities, entertainment and sports to keep you active in life...

⇒ Derby Food Hub...

Play a role in the future of food & drink in Derby...

⇒ Derby Health Hub...

Discover great ways to keep fit and healthy, connect with new people & conquer mental health...

⇒ Derby Digital Hub...

Play a role in defining, developing & deploying Derby's digital future today...

⇒ Derby Design Hub...

Design Derby with artists, engineers, dancers & creatives and let’s see our ideas come to life...

⇒ Derby Engineer Hub...

The Derby Engineer Hub is here to help you get involved in the development of Derby...

⇒ Derby Music Hub...

Derby Music Hub part of http://Derby.support is here to help everyone connect with music...

》 Derby Hubs...
》 Volunteer...

⇒ About Volunteering...

Volunteering is truly a great thing; it helps the world advance together and it's proven to be a healthy activity and boosts good mental health, due to supporting good causes & communities. We welcome people from all types of backgrounds and different levels of skills, because we believe everyone has something to give, whether that's a suggestion or willingness to help us code our website.

Volunteering isn't just a one way movement; you also gain new experience, meet new people and open new doors in both life & work. It's truly a special & good will gesture, which benefits everyone, most of the time.

We're opening up different ways to volunteer with us, from championing our social media channels, right up to becoming ambassadors for our hubs, on behalf of your causes or companies.

⇒ Volunteer With Us...

Awesome, we've got your attention and you want to volunteer... All you have to do is email us and tell us how you'd like to play your role. If you're not sure how you can fit in, that's okay, we can start with exploring your skills & experience and see where you can fit in.

If you feel like you don't have experience, then think again, everyone has experience and we look forward to working with primary school children, right up to the elderly, as we believe everyone's views & input matters, however big or small. By emailing us, you begin to document your journey and we can form a thread together, where all your ideas & input can be referenced with ease, now & into the future..

Alternatively, you can connect with us on social media via our social media channels and we will do our best to interact with you and make you feel a part of our journey to the best Derby we can all make together.


⇒ Volunteer at Community Action Derby...

Look beyond our community and you'll find many other people, groups & communities in the digital & physical spaces, such as Community Action Derby, who have spent time & money developing a Volunteer Centre, which is based in the city centre of Derby. You can either visit them in person at 1 Morledge, Derby DE1 2AW or you can ring them from 9.30AM - 4PM Monday to Friday. We'd recommend visiting their website to learn more about them and emailing them first.



01332 346266

》 Website Progress (/Directory)

⇒ Namespace

Refer to our active website pages


⇒ Event Log

Refer to our website updates:

Began modulising content across the assets on the website.

Working website prototype updated to a new format to support future developments.

Setup the framework & began building the first working website prototype.

》 Donate

⇒ About

To help our organisation & people of Derby succeed, we've made it possible to make way for people to donate to us through a number of ways, from giving us time, money or feedback. You can either support our GoFundMe campaign & share the buzz on social media or you can contact us to donate through bank transfer or in cash. To provide a perspective of what we've managed to achieve to date, we've spent just over £500 in Derby Community Hub and have put a lot of time into it, because we truly believe in the vision of a better Derby for everyone.

⇒ GoFundMe

We're currently running a GoFundMe campaign via the web link www.Derby.support/donate where you can support us in our development. It's a clever way to track the progress of yours & others support for us. It also gives you the opportunity to turn it into a story on your social media channels, to help spread the word and encourage others to donate too. We're very thankful for any donations or support you can provide, whether it is £10, £100 or £1000, your support will go a long way.


⇒ Contact

To learn more or speak with us about donating, you can email us via Go@Derby.support

》 Partners

Our partners join us at meetings, collaborate on mutual ventures and support our cause...

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》 Sponsors

Our sponsors help our organisation through their time given, financial collaborations and by promoting us through their networks...

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》 Donors

Our donors financially support us through their donations and by promoting our donation campaigns across their networks...

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